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Our organization is committed to working with and supporting the survivors of the residential school legacy.

Many direct descendants of residential school survivors have been displaced, raised “in care” and orphaned due to the direct trauma impacts of residential school. It’s our belief that we must work to honour the residential school survivors by caring for and supporting their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Atikokan Native Friendship Centre (ANFC) and our community partners are committed to ending the pain, suffering and death that Indigenous children and youth have experienced as a result of their involvement with the Canadian child welfare system. It begins by creating a safe and supportive transition home and lodge. 

Biskaabiiyang is the name given to a planned youth transition home and lodge that is designed for 15-20 youth who have aged out of care in the child welfare system. In Canada, the Indigenous population represents 7.7% of the total population, but Indigenous children and youth comprise over 50% of the population in the child welfare system. The system is seriously broken. Indigenous youth who age out of care are likely to be homeless and experience multiple issues including mental health, trauma, addictions and health problems due to neglect. The need for sustainable, safe, adequate and affordable housing in Atikokan is urgent.

This initiative is to create a home that will provide wraparound supports, occupational programs, educational credits and importantly, exposure to Indigenous culture, family history and healing.

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