We provide a wide range of programming. Please explore our programs below.

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program

The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program is designed to promote healthy pregnancies, increase birth weights, provide nutrition information, offer prenatal classes, and post-partum services.

Community Action Program for Children

The Community Action Program for Children provides funding to community groups that promote the healthy development of young children from six months to six years of age who face challenges that put their health at risk.

Akwe’go Program

The Akwe’go program is specifically designed to provide support, tools, healthy activities, and life skills targeted to the urban indigenous children between the ages of 7 to 12.

Wasa Nabin Program

The Wasa Nabin program provides individual and peer support with urban indigenous youth from age 13 up.

Life Long Care Program

The Life Long Care Program provides services to the chronically ill, cognitively impaired, physically disabled, frail, elderly individual Urban Indigenous people of all ages.

Health Outreach Program

The focus of this program is to ensure that the health of community members is addressed in a cultural and holistic way that centres on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of individuals, with an emphasis on reducing family violence.

Healing and Wellness Program

The goal of the Healing and Wellness program is to foster improvements in the health and wellbeing of Indigenous individuals, families, communities, and Nations.

Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program

The Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living Program here at the Atikokan Native Friendship Centre is designed to promote healthy living and support community as well as staff members.

Cultural Resource Program

The Cultural Resource program facilitates access to traditional teachings and ceremony in a safe and healing environment.

Friendship Garden Project

The Friendship Gardens project has been a vision and goal for the Atikokan Native Friendship Centre (ANFC) for several years as an initiative to address increasing food insecurity in the community.


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Our mandate is to support the urban Indigenous population of Atikokan; however, we assist anyone who is in an emergency situation for food, clothing or housing security, anti-abuse, anti-violence support, healthy living activities. 

We are open by appointment only. If you need to see a Coordinator and are a registered client, simply call your Coordinator for an appointment. 

If you are not yet a client, you need to register with one of our Coordinators to receive assistance. Ask our staff about making an appointment to register with us. Our main office number is 807-597-1213. 

Due to space constraints we are unable to have open door drop-ins at this time.  

New this year is the Friendship Gardens located at 301 Mackenzie Avenue West in Atikokan. We have scheduled drop-in dates at the gardens when weather permits throughout the summer.  

Yes, we can connect you with the right people to assist.

Our Coordinators can assist in all these areas. Call our office to make an appointment. 

There are scheduled programs all year at the gardens. Events open to the public will be posted on our new website. 

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